Lease Returns

Return Your Lease To Mercedes Benz of Flemington

Ciocca Dealerships is your headquarters for lease vehicles! Did you know you can drop off your lease vehicle at any of that manufacturer's dealerships? No matter what dealership you purchased your lease from, we can make your drop-off process a smooth one. Fill out the form below to tell us what vehicle you'd like to drop off and what day and time works best for you.

Lease Return

Returning Your Lease with Mercedes-Benz of Flemington

It is said that all good things must come to an end. Well, those things aren't at Mercedes-Benz of White Plains. When it's time to return your lease, it's not the end-it's a new beginning of luxury. Let us show you the possibilities.

Lease Return Options

Purchase Your Lease

Returning your lease can be bittersweet in Flemington, NJ, especially if you've grown attached to your luxury vehicle. And, if you have, we understand. Perhaps it was the leather seating and stylish exterior with unrivaled character lines. Or it could be the power of a CLA Coupe or E-Class Wagon. Whatever the case may be, if you're attached, you can keep it.

Your leased luxury can transform into your luxury in Readington in just a matter of minutes. We can offer vehicle ownership at lower rates and apply every applicable incentive to your purchase.

Return Your Lease

If you're ready to return your vehicle, we'll walk you through the steps. Your red-carpet return usually begins a few months before the date on your lease term in Washington, NJ. We'll contact you for a final inspection and ensure that everything is in pristine condition.

On the date of your return, please be sure to bring all keys, the owner's manuals, spare tire, and any additional accessories that came with the lease. After your return, you're free to sign another lease or purchase another luxury vehicle for your drives in Lebanon, NJ.

But, what happens if you see a new Mercedes-Benz C Class Coupe or SL Roadster and your lease is still active for another year? Do you have to ride it out, or can you turn in your vehicle early with no penalty?

The 3-Month Pull-Ahead Program

If you are a current Mercedes-Benz lessee with one or more months remaining on your lease term, you can apply for our Pull Ahead Program. It's a quick and easy way to get into the driver's seat of your next lease—even when you still have time left on your term. If you see a new vehicle you want, there should be enough flexibility to get out of your lease and into your desired luxury car.

Mercedes-Benz of Flemington

At Mercedes-Benz of Flemington, good things don't end-they just get better. We'll take your luxury vehicle and replace it with a newer version, or you can keep your lease for the long term. Either way, we're sure we can get you into the vehicle you want-on your terms. We'll see you soon.