Mercedes-Benz Lease Returns Are a Cinch at Mercedes-Benz of Flemington

If you're leasing a Mercedes-Benz vehicle, make sure you have everything in order before it comes time to return it. Mercedes-Benz of Flemington wants your entire lease experience to be enjoyable, so we're offering some lease return tips to make sure the process goes smoothly. Readington drivers may want to examine the lease agreement prior to returning the car to help avoid any unnecessary fees.

Mercedes-Benz End-of-Lease Services

Even if you didn't lease your Mercedes-Benz car, SUV, or wagon from Mercedes-Benz of Flemington, we can assist you with the lease return if it was leased through Mercedes-Benz Financial. People in Washington, NJ may opt for a complimentary pre-inspection to ensure that any issues the vehicle may be having are addressed. This pre-inspection process gives you time to get any services or repairs performed on the car before the end of the lease. It may also help you avoid any excess wear and tear charges.

Mercedes-Benz of Flemington Pre-Inspection Process

Lebanon, NJ drivers should have a complimentary pre-inspection done on their vehicle no more than 90 days before the end date of their lease. You can schedule a pre-inspection with AutoVin by calling 1-800-556-2811. This way, if any auto repairs or maintenance are required, you'll have all the time you need to get it completed before the final inspection at the end of the term.

What to Do Before Your Mercedes-Benz Lease Return

First, schedule your complimentary pre-inspection with AutoVin by calling 1-800-556-2811. Then, Clinton, NJ drivers should set an appointment for their lease-end visit with Mercedes-Benz of Flemington. This should be scheduled at least two business days in advance to give us time to prepare.

Before you take your leased Mercedes-Benz car, wagon, or SUV to Mercedes-Benz of Flemington, be sure to bring all the items that came with the vehicle. This will likely include:

  • Two vehicle keys         
  • Complete set of owner's manuals with leather case          
  • Remote control and headsets for rear-seat DVD entertainment systems (if equipped)         
  • Removable headrests and cargo covers for SUVs and wagons

Be sure to remove any EZ Pass devices, CDs, parking permits, and any personal items from the vehicle, including those stored in door pockets, and/or seat back pouches.

Benefits of Returning Your Lease to Mercedes-Benz of Flemington

Our Complimentary Lease-Return Services

Mercedes-Benz of Flemington offers complimentary transportation to your home or office after returning your leased vehicle. To ensure information security and privacy, we also provide free deletion of any stored entries from your vehicle's navigation system, integrated phone system, and integrated garage door opener (if equipped).

Advantages of Leasing a Mercedes-Benz Vehicle

Leasing is a terrific way to drive an opulent, high-performing Mercedes-Benz vehicle while making lower monthly payments. You'll also spend less on repairs with a lease because they are covered by the factory warranty. In many cases, you'll have a lower down payment with a lease, if there is one at all.

Return Your Lease To Mercedes Benz of Flemington

Ciocca Dealerships is your headquarters for lease vehicles! Did you know you can drop off your lease vehicle at any of that manufacturer's dealerships? No matter what dealership you purchased your lease from, we can make your drop-off process a smooth one. Fill out the form below to tell us what vehicle you'd like to drop off and what day and time works best for you.

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Contact Mercedes-Benz of Flemington for Help with Your Lease Return

When the lease ends, you can buy the car for the residual price, move on to lease a different vehicle, or purchase another new or used car. The finance team at Mercedes-Benz of Flemington will make the leasing process as simple and seamless as possible because we want you to be as happy with your payment plan as you are with your car. Contact us today.